DiMi Telematics International, Inc.

DiMi is a cloud-based M2M proprietary, patent pending, business intelligence and two-way communications platform that captures and seamlessly integrates real-time data from networked tracking, monitoring, alarm and alert systems, sensors and devices; and, in turn, centralizes this data onto an online command and control dashboard that is accessible 24/7 by a designated user or community of designated users through the secure DiMi Internet portal. 

With adoption of the DiMi M2M communications platform, users can remotely control, monitor, manage and acquire data from their operational assets, providing the interface for lighting, temperature, humidity, keycard access, fleet management and many other vital systems that impact the enterprise.

Investor Relations

On behalf of everyone at DiMi Telematics International, Inc., we would like to welcome you to our online Investor Information Center. Here you will find a broad range of corporate data, leadership biographies, press releases, media coverage and other information about our Company and its business operations that we believe will be essential in helping you learn more about us.

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